This Alta Vista home with two door garage and teal trim is part of Alta Vista Neighborhood
This freshly updated two car garage Home plan on a big lot is available for Sale. Alta Vista is family friendly community in California.
Single Story house resides in peaceful and friendly community of Alt Vista in Vista California
Two car garage house with brown paint with dark brown trim is part of the Alt Vista Neighborhood in Vista California.
Single Story home in Alta Vista is ideal for a small family.
Alt Vista supports big community playground for residents.
Pink single family home on big lot in Alta Vista Neighborhood.
Single family house on premium lot has all the best features of Alta Vista community, Quick access to community services, walking distance to historic Downtown Vista.
View from the street of the single family with two door garage in Alt Vista Neighborhood
Single family home in Alt Vista on a big lot
Single story single family home for sale has two car garage and green trim in Alta Vista Neighborhood
This house in Alta vista has manicured landscape approaching the house.
Recently updated home for sale is part of Alta Vista community. Alta Vista Neighborhood provide easy access to Historic Downtown Vista.
A view of the driveway leading towards the garage and house entrance. Alta Vista neighborhood is very family friendly community.
An Alta Vista road sign.
The house in Alta Vista has stone slabs driveway accompanied by variety of different plants welcoming their owners to the house in Alta Vista neighborhood.